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Hira Metal Gray Rug 8 x 10

Hira Metal Gray Rug 8 x 10


Condition: New

Step things up. The chunky texture of this plush wool-blend rug features thick, loosely looped piles resulting in a soft-to-the-touch finish. Given the handcrafted nature of the Hira, no two rugs are alike; natural variations are part of what makes this rug so distinct.


8' x 10'


Wool blend rug
All wool rugs are prone to shedding. While the volume of shedding will diminish over time, it will never cease entirely. Long term maintenance should be considered prior to purchase.
Handmade rugs may vary slightly in size and colour
Boost the longevity of your rug and always have a sure-footing with our recommended rug pads — anti-slip and durability combined
Wool rugs are best placed in low-traffic areas to reduce fibre shedding.

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